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ID Photo (Passport photo meeting ICAO Standard!)
Photobooth: Fun photo oriented
ID Photo brings you to the success of your vending business!
  • Various size of ID Photo format
  • High-end flash system and photo adjustment technology support the top edge photo quality in the world.
  • Automatic photo quality check and assurance engine built in meeting ICAO standard.
  • Custom designed flash system built in for the optimal white balance.
  • Very good photo quality guaranteed
  • Industrial CPU with Embedded OS.
  • Highest reliability

System stability
     - Customized system design.
     - Qualified engineering experience in producing for last 14 years provides the most reliable photobooth
        in the history.
     - Auto trouble diagnostic and shooting engine built in.

Convenient management features
     - Sales statistics report.
     - Paper checking.
     - Various price setting option.
     - Photo Format /head size setting, up to each governmental standard

High capability of paper loading
     - +220 ID Photo print by one time loading of paper and ink ribbon.

     - Voice and on-screen instructions with touch screen operation.

A large choice of ID and FUN Photo
     - Passport and other ID photos.
     - Portrait, Fun photographs, Color or B&W photograph (up to 6 poses per vend).

International language and currency support
     - All languages are supported and the photobooth can be coin or/and note operated for most countries.

Picture Format
     Customized formats provided on demand

   System     Pentium CPU
   Monitor     15 TFT LCD Touch with Tempered Glass
   Camera     Digital Camera (High Resolution Digital Camera, 10M Pixel)
   Printer     Dye sublimation Photo Printer
   Consumables     Paper and Ink Ribbon in Roll/ Plastic Card and roll type ink ribbon
   Power     Optional Choose - AC 110V/60(50)Hz or 220V(240V)
   Weight     350Kg
   Dimensions     1450(W) x 700(D)x 1850(H) mm
   Lamp     36W(220V/60hz):1pcs, 5 Flash
   Payment     Coin mech or Bill validator
   Software     Ciyond ID Photo S/W
   Timer     Optional Choose, which enables Automatic On/Off
   Exterior POP Design     Sectional Customization available for Customers use
   Top Sign     LED Top sign available, Optional Choose
   Power Consumption     800 W
   Special Features     Self-Diagnostic system detects any problem, and reloads
    the original state to maintain the stability.